Met-Flow will participate to and sponsor ISUD 13, organised on June 13-15th 2021 in Zürich, Switzerland

ISUD, the International Symposium on Ultrasonic Doppler Methods for Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering, is the most important scientific symposium on ultrasonic Doppler methods. Since its first edition in 1996 at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland, its purpose is to bring together both specialists and newcomers to share their knowledge about ultrasonic Doppler methods, and to present the numerous studies using such methods and associated technology. Additionally it fosters discussions about the development of related methodology and implied future prospect.

For the fifth time, ISUD conference is being organized in Switzerland, where a large community of keen scientists and engineers are using Met-Flow’s instruments since our beginnings in the early nineties. This year, ETH Zürich is hosting the conference, driven by Prof. Erich Windhab, at the head of the Laboratory of Food Process Engineering (ETH-FPE). Prof. Windhab and several researchers have been developing both UVP method and device for three decades, using Met-Flow’s instruments in industry-driven research, leading to new UVP instruments concept to be implemented in production facilities.

As a good tradition, Met-Flow is participating to the conference and should be sponsoring the Gala Dinner, depending on the sanitary situation.

More information on ISUD 13 website…

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