Met-Flow S.A. is born from the meeting of two gentlemen, a keen businessman Mr. Gérard J. Gogniat and an inspired scientist Dr. Yasushi Takeda, who shared their ideas and convictions to develop the as yet unrevealed potential of ultrasonic velocimetry beyond its original use for medical diagnosis. The two visionary fellows then decided to unite forces and enthusiasm in an association that would last more than two decades, bringing in their wake more and more followers over the years.

Firstly nested in the scientific labs

Met-Flow S.A. was thus founded in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1990, as a limited company. In partnership with a skilled electronics engineer Peter Pinter, the company quickly developed several generations of Ultrasonic Velocity Profilers UVP during a first decade, mainly intended for scientific research. It was from the years 2000 that it began to adapt its technology for field applications, requested by different groups interested in the potentials of the UVP measurement technique in an industrial context, outside the laboratories.

A taste for rocket science?

Among these new interested the Japanese Space Agency which commissioned a custom-developed device, currently used in the International Space Station (ISS). A collaboration with the food industry led to a prototype for process control, and subsequently a partnership with a European industrialist allowed the development of an ultrasonic flow meter, sold today worldwide.

Unity is strength

In parallel with the development of its products, Met-Flow has surrounded itself with an increasing number of local representatives, convinced that its commercial development requires close contact with its current or potential customers, through specialists with high expertise both in fluid dynamics and measuring techniques.

New prospects

After more than twenty years of successful activity, Met-Flow is taken over by its technical director Olivier Mariette, following the company’s founder’s demise. Today, after a successful transition period, the company’s new director and owner wishes to keep on developing and adapting Met-Flow’s technology towards field applications, bringing innovative tools to industries that face increasingly complex economic and ecological environments, while sustaining a strong research and development pool with its original users in scientific research.

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