All kind of liquids can be found in power plants, from aerated water in hydraulic turbines to liquid sodium in nuclear reactors cooling systems.

To better design and operate such installations, multi-dimensional capability of UVP measurement while being applicable to opaque liquids presents obvious benefits where other measuring techniques fail. Atypical refrigerant liquid such as ice slurry has been successfully measured in heat transfer processes at low temperature.

Typical applications

Hydropower plant design and operation, dam design, nuclear reactor design and operation, powerplant efficiency, cooling systems, heating systems, energy transport, cavitation, vortices, energy sink, solar farms energy transfer

Typical measured liquids

Water with sediment, liquid mercury, liquid sodium, lead bismuth eutectic, ice slurry

Typical UVP instrument set-up

  • Profiler: single-probe, multi-probe, trigger input, dual UVP-DUO use, 1D, 2D
  • Transducers: standard TX 0,5 – 1 – 2 – 4 – 8 MHz, long-range LR 0,5 – 1 MHz
  • Software: UVP software, Matlab import utility
  • Accessories: acoustic reflectors, acoustic gel

Related scientific publications

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