UVP-DUO is controlled by a distant PC computer connected via Ethernet, either through a peer-to-peer connection or within a complex LAN. UVP-DUO can be addressed with fixed IP or DHCP.

Software Package Version 3, supplied with UVP-DUO, is intended to be installed on the controlling PC working with OS from MS Windows 98 to Windows Vista (Windows 7 compatible shortly). This software features both acquisition and data review functionalities in a single Win32 core program, such as :

  • Remote control of UVP-DUO via Ethernet
  • Turbulent statistics, RMS, skewness, kurtosis, histograms
  • Cross-correlation, auto-correlation, power spectrum
  • Integrated 2D flow mapping module, on-line transducer grid editor
  • New file format with complete integrated description header
  • Compatibility with third-party software: Clipboard function, export to MS Word, Excel, Tecplot, Matlab

    An optional software package, ActiveX library, offers the possibility to control the UVP hardware with a user-made software application developped with any environment compatible with ActiveX, such as Matlab, Labview, Visual Basic, C++.

    For more details please go to 'Software'.