Various types of analysis and post-processing of the velocity data can be realized offline.

Software version 3 offers different kind of statistical tools like velocity histogram (see opposite picture), statistical moments, etc... to analyze turbulence.

Power spectrum function (see opposite picture) analyses frequency distribution of turbulent energy in the flow.

Furthermore cross- and auto correlation analyse periodicities and relationships between different points in time and space.

A complete flow mapping module is integrated in software version 3.

It allows for 2D velocity measurements by calculating the velocity field at the crossing points of a transducer grid, each probe being connected to the instrument internal multiplexer.
This module includes among other things a transducer position editing table and display (see opposite picture), a flow mapping sequence editor and a multiplexer channels tester for each connected transducer.

The flow mapping module also includes a 2D velocity field table and display (see opposite picture), a movie function to animate the velocity field as a function of time and an export utility to third party editor such as Tecplot or Excel.