The velocity calculation from the Doppler-shift detection is being made real-time by the Digital Signal Processor inside the UVP instrument.

As a result UVP software version 3 can display real-time velocity profiles while storing the corresponding data.
All data displays have context-sensitive options that can be modified by right mouse button click; cursor coordinates are continuously displayed; display zooming and moving is possible at any time, and any specific data point displays can be called by selection directly on the graph.

Time series from a single velocity channel at a fixed distance can be monitored real-time.

Sets of time series from various channels can be displayed in parallel, moreover a smoothing filter can be applied real-time without losing the original velocity data.

Raw echo amplitude can be displayed real-time in parallel with velocity profiles on the same distance scale.

It is very useful for correlating the raw echographic information with calculated velocity, checking possible strong static reflection that could spoil the velocity determination. In some specific cases it can display flow boundaries like walls, obstacles, etc...