TX line proposes a set of five standard transducers corresponding to our five standard emitting frequencies 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 MHz.

For each frequency a specific active diameter has been chosen in order to keep similar acoustic beam shapes and provide an optimized spatial resolution for the velocity measurement over the whole set. It results in analogous emitted beam divergences, with increasing beam size as frequency decreases.

This is totally consistent with the use of lower frequencies for applications with large measurement depths and large velocity magnitude while using high frequencies for their high spatial resolution.

Consequently the TX line covers most research applications from very confined organic flows to large hydraulic models.

Please note that our standard TX line is acoustically optimized for use in water-based liquids or liquids with similar acoustic properties such as water suspensions, oil, alcohol, organic liquids, which represent most UVP applications.

Taylor-made designs for specific liquids with special acoustic properties can be made on request, although our standard water-based designs have already been used successfully in special liquids under certain conditions.

TX line also features a very high sensitivity, i.e. double compared with our former TN line which was still in the range of existing designs.

The challenge of increasing sensitivity of ultrasonic transducers used in pulsed mode must be achieved without affecting bandwidth, namely spoiling the shape of the emitted ultrasound pulses which determines the spatial resolution of the method.

This is accomplished by the selection of high quality materials for inner components together with their appropriate combination specific to each frequency design.

Here we take advantage of the close collaboration with our partner Imasonic and its high expertise in that field.